November 5

No use yawning in heaven

No use yawning in heaven

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April 16

e.e. cumming home

e.e. cumming home

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January 31

I also dabble in grays and navies….


Well I suppose they are.

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January 23

& its ending one minute at a time….

Excuse me while I go whip up a quick batch of Orange Juice Napalm.

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November 2

#sassypantsforprez. Amazing.


Can we take a minute just to appreciate the best photo of the President of the United States that I’ve ever seen? And by best, I obviously mean sassiest. Seriously, this could be the cover of Sassy magazine! SASSYPANTS FOR PREZ. 

[via Washington Post]

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August 6

a true, modern socialite.

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May 14

how was coachella omg tell me everything

It was AMAZING. I can’t even begin to try to describe it. I honestly am surprised I didn’t wet myself out of excitement every 4 seconds. Seriously. There was a craft tent. There was a taco truck with the best. tacos. ever. There was a GIANT ALIEN FLOWER that MOVED. I won a free Coachella shirt. SKARSY WAS THERE. The security guards made fun of people’s low-grade weed. TUPAC HOLOGRAM. and the fucking MUSIC. Dear lord, the music. Thom Yorke conducted us in an impromptu chorus of Karma Police. And he CALLED US BEAUTIFUL. AND LAUGHED. HE ACTUALLY EXHIBITED EMOTION. My heart rate’s climbing just thinking about it.

Only downside? I’m totally broke now.

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May 12


Bukowski. (by Aryssamonster)

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February 14

Happy Vday all you lovers. Go eat heart-shaped things.

From the talented Mr. benkling

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December 18

whats your fave xmas tradition, doll?

My Mum and I always do Xmas eve dinner with other assorted families and friends, usually with people who don’t have much other family (like us)
I fondly call it the Dinner of Misfit Toys.
And everyone always gets trashed. Its a jolly good time.

Also, my friend and I always go to see a movie on christmas day, BUT HE’S ABANDONING ME THIS YEAR to go to Vegas. grrrrr.

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